Want to know what is covered under our warranty? Searching for replacement parts? Or maybe you just want to know how best to care for your lenses. Whatever your question, we've got you covered. If our FAQ's still leave you wondering, you can always contact us by calling: 866-KAENON-1 (866-523-6661) or you may also email customer service with detailed information pertaining to your inquiry. Our representatives are available from 9:00AM – 5:00PM PST Monday through Friday.

UV Protection

Q: do kaenon sr-91 lenses offer uv protection?

A: Yes, our SR-91 polarized lenses provide your eyes with broad spectrum protection against 100% of all harmful UVA and UVB rays, offering razor sharp optical clarity and unsurpassed glare reduction.

Return Policy

Q: What is the Kaenon.com return policy?

A: If you are not completely satisfied with the product you purchased from kaenon.Com, you may return them within 30 days for a full refund. Product must be unworn and in perfect retail condition. Please contact kaenon customer service or phone 866-kaenon-1 (866-523-6661) to request a return credit number. You must have a return credit number for kaenon to accept your return. Please provide us with your first and last name, shipping address (no po boxes please), phone number and style name you are returning. Please refer to our return policy for additional information.

If you purchased your Kaenons from www.kaenon.com after January 24th, 2017, please start your return or warranty/repair request here.

If you purchased your Kaenons at www.kaenon.com before January 24th, 2017, or from an Authorized Distributor, please request a return or claim a warrany/repair here.

Warranty, Repair and Replacement Parts

Q: What is Kaenon’s warranty policy?

A: All Kaenon eyewear is warranted against breakage caused by defects in materials or manufacturing, at Kaenon's discretion, for one year from date of purchase. Warranty is void without valid proof of purchase from an authorized Kaenon dealer. Warranty excludes product altered after purchase, damage caused by normal wear and tear including scratched lenses, and damage caused by any improper or unreasonable use.

Kaenon offers a lifetime warranty on its SR-91® lenses specifically covering cracking or splitting of the lens at drill-mounts, or delamination of the inner polarizing film and the lens material. This lifetime warranty specifically excludes product altered after purchase and/or damage caused by normal wear and tear including; scratched lenses, damage to lens coatings, and/or damage caused by any improper or unreasonable use. Please note; outer lens coatings are specifically NOT included as part of the Lifetime Warranty.

Orders can be remade one time for a Dr.’s remake within 90 days. This includes Rx/prescription change, Change of bifocal/progressive height and/or lens color change. Doctors redo does not include a frame style change.

Q: I love my Kaenon sunglasses, I have had them forever! I use them so much that the frames are in need of repair. What should I do?

A: If you would like us to take a look at your sunglasses, please fill out our warranty & repair claim form. Once submitted, a Kaenon customer service representative will contact you with a Warranty or Repair Order Number and a quote if applicable for the cost of repairing your sunglasses.

Q: I would like to buy replacement lenses for my Kaenon sunglasses. What is the best way to do this?

A: Kaenon offers customers the option to buy replacement lenses. However, we do not sell lens replacements alone. To maintain the level of quality you have come to expect from Kaenon, the company must examine all frames in house to ensure a properly fit replacement lens.

To order replacement lenses please request a repair order number by filling out our repair claim form. Please provide your first and last name; shipping address; phone number; style name you are sending in, along with the lens tint you would like to purchase. A Kaenon customer service representative will contact you with a quote for the cost of replacing your lenses.

Prescription Orders

Q: I would like to my Kaenon sunglasses made with my prescription. Can Kaenon take care of me?

A: Unfortunately, we are unable to dispense our Rx lenses directly to patients. However, we can direct you to our Authorized Kaenon dealers for a list of the Optical Partners that we currently work with. The locations that will be able to dispense Rx lenses are noted by “Rx office” next to the address, or you may search for Rx Dealers by checking the box at the top of the map.

We would recommend working directly with one of these optical partners in your area, and please tell them we sent you! Feel free to drop us an email if you need any further assistance.

Care & Maintenance

Q: I’ve lost my micro-fiber cleaning bag that came with my Kaenons, where can I get another one?

A: You can find all Kaenon cleaning products and cases in our online store under Accessories.

Q: I spend a lot of time outdoors and often sunscreen dirties my lenses. How should I best clean my lenses?

A: If you have heavy soil or grime caused by salt water, dust, sunscreen or other substances, a drop of mild dish soap with warm water should safely remove dirt and grime without scratching your lenses. If you spend a lot of time in or on the ocean, get in the habit of rinsing your glasses off periodically under the tap. It will extend the life of your lenses.

Never use tissues, paper towels or paper-based products to clean your lenses. Instead, use the Kaenon micro-fiber cleaning bags and cloths for every day cleaning of your lenses. Be sure to avoid any household cleaners that may contain ammonia or bleach.

Q: Can I clean my Kaenon SR-91 lenses with a cotton t-shirt?

A: We don’t recommend cleaning your lenses with a t-shirt as your clothing absorbs salt, sweat and dirt which can then transfer to your lenses. You may end up scratching your lenses as a result.

Lens Technology

Q: I'm having difficulty understanding the differences between Kaenon’s lenses. What does C28, C50, G28 and so on mean?

A: The G stands for grey and the C stands for copper. The number following the G or C is the amount of light that is allowed to transmit through the lens. For example, our G12 is our darkest grey lens allowing 12% of light through. Visit our Lens Tint page for more explanation on the attributes of each lens tint.

Q: What is the best SR-91® lens for sailing?

A: Generally our G12, C12 and B12 lenses are ideal for bright sunlight and preferred by sailors who rely on the darker tints to reduce squinting and block glare. Whereas C28, C50 and Y35 are ideal for overcast or rainy conditions where glare is still relevant, and high contrast and color enhancement is essential to recognize the slightest details on the water. Both are preferred by those needing the best tool and winning advantage for reading the breeze, current and sail trim. Visit our Lens Tint page to see the effects of different lens tints in various environments.

Q: What lens is most used by professional fisherman?

A: Bass Fishing - A dark lens like C12, B12 or G12 is ideal for bright sunlight and our C28, C50 and Y35 are treasured secret weapons in sight fishing conditions—whether offshore, fly fishing or bass. Visit our Lens Tint page to see the effects of different lens tints in various environments.

Fly Fishing - Whether in fresh or salt water environments, many of our guides prefer our Copper lenses, relying on C12 lenses for bright conditions, C50 or C28 lenses when it turns overcast or flat light. Another option is Yellow 35 (Y35) lenses which are ideal for fishing overcast or rainy conditions or during periods of spotty cloud cover, producing extreme contrast and color enhancement for better viewing under the water’s surface.

Offshore Fishing – From dropping back to fish in the spread to live baiting under kites, our B12, C12 or G12 tints are the top pick of offshore professionals. Bright sunlight and open-ocean glare call for B12 or G12 while C12 is ideal for slightly overcast conditions or under spotty cloud cover. Visit our Lens Tint page to see the effects of different lens tints in various environments.

Q: What lens is best for golf?

A: All Kaenon lenses offer superior clarity, accurate depth perception, and contrast for reading greens. Bright conditions will call for G12 or B12, or if you prefer stronger contrast and color enhancements on the greens, the C12 lens. Less-than-bright conditions will be best tackled with our mid range tints—G28 for an exact natural and neutral color view in a lighter tint, while C28 will do the same with slightly more color contrast and enhancement. For those who prefer a very light tint and would like to simply wipe away the glare and protect their eyes from the sun’s harmful rays, consider C50. Visit our Lens Tint page to see the effects of different lens tints in various environments.

Q: What lens is best for paddling?

A: The majority of paddlers use G12 while on the water. Due to the often bright sunny conditions and high overhead sun, reflection off the water can be harsh. G12 is the darkest lens and most relaxing to the eye. On overcast gray days with variable light, some paddlers will choose a C12 lens to be able to pick out the definition in the water’s movement. This is key, especially when it comes to racing as the “bumps” become more visible, giving the paddler the chance of “surfing the bump” which is both faster and more efficient. Visit our Lens Tint page to see the effects of different lens tints in various environments.

Q: What lens is preferred for driving?

A: Our darkest tints tend to be preferred for general daytime driving needs. However, according to the time of day, outdoor conditions and your own personal light sensitivity, you may prefer a lighter, mid-range tint.

One tip is that the lighter tints—G28, Y35, C50—are great on particularly mountainous or typically snowy roads. They will allow more visible light in during dark and wet conditions, while also removing glare and shine off the wet or icy roads, ensuring a better view of lane markers and terrain. Visit our Lens Tint page to see the effects of different lens tints in various environments.